I’ve known Kelly for about 4 years. I do believe making a connection with a person is ALL you really need. After hearing Kelly speak at different events I became to know her as a professional in what she is so passion about. It’s all about being there for the or her client! She educated me even before I became her client. I moved all my insurance needs last November and she continues to help in a timely fashion. Thank you Kelly for always being available and making sure we are TOTALLY covered for my family and my son’s family as well (homes & cars).

Gloria G.
Brentwood, CA

Kelly was responsive and quick in her service! After dealing with another company, I would recommend Kelly without hesitation – not just for her stellar personality and service, but for her rates as well!

Brooke K.
Sausalito, CA

Kelly is amazing. She is super helpful as an insurance agent, always out to help in the best way she can. While writing up my insurance quotes she was very thoughtful to my income situation, as well as what was necessary for my needs.

She’s also so helpful with people in general. Kelly was quick to pay it forward with my own organization and became super helpful to me! I suggest Kelly to all my friends, and to all of you!!!!

Justin M.
Brentwood, CA

I have my health, auto and business insurance with other agents but none of them ever sat down with me to explain my coverages and to let me know if they were appropriate. ?I was introduced to Kelly because she would take the time to go over everything with me and let me know if I was OK. ?I never got the feeling she wanted me to switch insurance carriers but rather I got the sense she genuinely cared about my being adequately protected. ?She is conciencious and professional and I recommend her highly.

Carol P.
Redwood City, CA